Bible Verse

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long again. School has been hectic. I'm back with another Bible verse. This is my favorite Bible verse right now, and it reminds us that when we've gone through difficult, difficult trials, that they're not even worth comparing with heaven, not even worth comparing with what's going to happen. … Continue reading Bible Verse

Chapter 2 of Saige’s Fight for Freedom

This one is not that long. Maybe I'll add more on this chapter. If so, I'll edit it.  Chapter 2 Saige’s eyes quickly darted around. She looked for somebody. Anybody. She needed help.  But she saw no one. They were just there. Where did they go? As the newcomer walked towering over her with the … Continue reading Chapter 2 of Saige’s Fight for Freedom

I posted a story a couple days ago, but I found that it would be better to post one chapter at a time, otherwise I keep updating it, and keep having to update my post. One amazing blogger gave younger bloggers advice to post more frequently, so if I post chapters, it'll help me to … Continue reading

Prayer Journaling?

Recently, my big sis, mentor, and close friend (i actually only have one other close friend.) told me to start prayer journaling. Now, I had never prayer journaled before, and was kind of unsure of  how to start. I eventually figured it out, and I've been prayer journaling for almost 2 weeks, although not necessarily … Continue reading Prayer Journaling?

Good Friday

“Our Hope is not quarantined.
It’s abundant — not bound.
It’s contagious — not contained.”


Today is Good Friday.

I had my quiet time today, and wanted to share with y’all, a verse that I read:

He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. But His wounds you have been healed. “

– 1 Peter 2:24

We serve an absolutely AMAZING Savior!! I mean the fact that He offered Himself up as a sacrifice for US – the terrible people that we are – is pretty amazing. I wouldn’t be killed for myself; I know what I’m like, deep down.

But you know what? Jesus knows what all of us are like, deep down. In fact, He knows us better than we know ourselves. And yet, He STILL died on the cross for us!!

That’s some pretty deep love, right there.

This coronavirus situation is confusing. Doctors don’t know much about it…

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